Ken's Supporters

Don Nightingale | Former BC National Council | Conservative Fund member | Chief Electoral Officer for the Conservative Leadership Campaign

“I fully endorse Ken Charko as the Candidate in Quadra and ask everyone to support him. Ken for the Win in Quadra!”

Menno Froese | Past BC National Councillor | Past VP for the CPC | Former Director Conservative Fund

"Ken Charko, a long-time Conservative member, is what we need in Quadra. I fully endorse Ken Charko for the nomination. He can win this riding, please vote for Ken Charko in Quadra.”

Marshal Neufeld | Former BC National Councillor | Past CPC Candidate

“I have known Ken Charko for over a decade, and he has always been a hard worker who steps up when needed. He is the type of candidate we need for Vancouver-Quadra. Ken Charko can win this riding, and I endorse him and ask everyone to support his nomination."

  Al Hudec | Senior Counsel, Farris LLP

"As Senior Counsel at Farris LLP, a prominent full service law firm deeply rooted in British Columbia business and politics, I unreservedly recommend and endorse Ken Charko as nominee for the Conservative Party in Vancouver-Quadra.

I have known Ken well for over 12 years and have reached out to him on various occasions to help on politically sensitive matters or to advance worthy social causes. He has always shown fantastic responsiveness, great judgment, and a persistence that regularly achieves results. 

Ken is a leader, both in thought and in action, in advancing conservative values.  He has solid community values, a can do attitude and business credentials. He doesn't hesitate to roll up his sleeves to get a job done; while, at the same time, inspiring and motivating others to work with him to achieve results.

If nominated as the candidate, Ken will bring passion, commitment and incredibly hard work to achieving victory in the election. In Ottawa, he will quickly emerge as a leader with the influence to achieve best outcomes for his constituents."

Wesley Mussio | Managing Partner, MUSSIO GOODMAN

"As a resident of Vancouver since 1983, I have slowly become involved in politics simply because of the clear erosion of our city and our country under the progressive left.  I crossed paths with Ken Charko a decade ago and found him to be an outstanding advocate for conservative values, a community-oriented citizen and an excellent businessman. 

As a business owner myself, running a major law firm in British Columbia (Mussio Goodman) together with a national publishing company (Backroad mapbooks) and two Junior A ice hockey teams, I can say that having a business background and conservative values, like Ken Charko, means that he will bring with him a level of experience, accountability and drive that others simply do not have. 

I’m confident Ken Charko can lead the Federal Conservative Party to victory in the Vancouver-Quadra riding and once in Ottawa, will bring his hard working pragmatic approach to Parliament Hill thus helping bring Canada back to its former greatness.

Without hesitation, I fully endorse Ken Charko for the Federal Conservative nomination in Quadra."

 Peter Labrie | Founder, Art of Leadership Consulting Ltd |
BNP Paribas, International Banker (24 years)

"I've known Ken Charko for many years, as a pillar of Vancouver's West Side. Indeed, Ken serves the community as both manager of Dunbar Theatre and supporter of Hillcrest Community Centre. He is a true patron of the arts as well.

Ken's practical approach, coupled with his political acumen, makes him a strong Conservative candidate. Having worked with Ken on various campaigns, I know he is passionate about making a difference.

He's the leader Quadra needs—capable, compassionate, and committed. Ken Charko has my endorsement."

Vincent Fairleigh | Former Owner, Hollywood Theatre |
Nisga’a Carver & Artist

"My family owned the Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver from 1935 to 2011, we got to know Ken because he was the owner of the Dunbar and Varsity Theatres and he was the head of the Motion Picture Theatre Association. 

In the theatre world our competition was brutal, we were the smallest player in Vancouver so we were bullied by all the competition except for Ken, and Ken was our biggest competition. Ken was very knowledgeable about everything theatre related and he had helped us on many occasions. 

Ken doesn’t fit the description of most politicians, he’s honest and really wants to help others, this is a trait that we need more of in politicians. I know that Ken will be as successful in his political career as he has been in business. Five years ago I used to be an NDP supporter, but even then I would have supported Ken! 

I’m definitely a conservative now and hope Pierre wins, they need Ken to win Vancouver-Quadra."

Mike Martens | Former BC desk for the CPC

 “I first met Ken Charko when the party asked him to step in and run an election for the party back in 2008. He is a hard-working principled conservative. I can remember Ken talking about running in Quadra and I fully endorse Ken as the person who can turn that riding blue.”

Bruce Hallsor | Former BC Co-Chair | Past CPC Candidate | Recent LEOC Member & Chair of the Leadership Campaign Rules Committee

“Ken Charko is a grassroots conservative and what we need to win Quadra.”

Brian Siddall | Victoria EDA President, 2010-2013

“Ken was asked to move to Victoria for two months to run a Victoria Riding by-election for the Conservative Party - He is a hard working grassroots Conservative that will do what is needed to win Quadra for the Conservatives.“

Irene Yatco | Advisor - Financial Industry | Publisher - Philippine Journal |  Former Conservative Candidate Vancouver East 2011

“Ken Charko has been a friend of the Filipino community over the years. He has always been responsive to our community’s needs generously opening his theatre’s  doors to our community events and fundraisers to support our various causes, including relief for Typhoon Haiyan. His contribution to different communities will definitely be of value to the whole country.”

Randy Lum | Owner, The Eatery

“I have owned and run The Eatery on West Broadway since 1983 and I have know Ken Charko to be a strong advocate for small business over the past 30 years on the Westside and I look forward to working with him in the future as the MP for Quadra. Ken in known in the community as someone who gets things done and helps whenever asked, including helping to save The Hollywood Theatre. Ken is well know in the community and the person the Conservatives need to win this Riding in the next federal election.”

 Gabriel Napora | CEO, Electric Panda Entertainment Inc. | Owner, Triton Films Inc. 

“I have worked and been a producer in the film and entertainment industry for over 25 years and have got to know Ken over the past 15 years. Ken has always been a strong supporter of the film industry, the Arts and small businesses. With his deep roots and support in the community, I know Ken can win in Vancouver-Quadra for the Conservatives. I fully support Ken Charko and look forward to working with him to expand Canada’s entertainment industry.”

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